Today’s Focus: deconstruct your category


  1. Identify your category and its cultural norm.
  2. List the qualifiers of our category (it must have or do A, B, C, D in order to be considered a __________)
  3. Language: Rename the category
  4. Identify neighboring categories.
  5. Language: Identify synonyms and antonyms of each word in your new categorical name
  6. Form propositions





Wall mount shelves


  1. storage, display, furnishing
  2. wall attachment, leveled platform, perpendicularity
  3. elevated floor
  4. cabinets, podiums, cellars, clothes hanger, towel rack
  5. showcase, platform, tray  /   Trashcan, Anything that is a enclosed storage space,
  6. Can grab, rest, wrap. Objection of display can be on anything. Such as wearing a hat or resting your glasses on your nose. We are moving shelves.

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