Test 3

The last test I did was to use a more stable system of 3 points. By having two or more points the items on the wall does not have to be so close together and can have their individual space.





Test 2

Similar to the first test, I have used the same technique but using a two point system. By doing so, more items can be set up.



That’s a Wrap

I have managed to use a knitted scarf and one nail to make a system where gravity works into play as an important role in this test. The scarf works as a nest where any object would be wrapped around with the garment or knit of any sort.




After Researching, I finally realized I have been all over the place with this project. I found my mistake in just focusing on the general idea of the wall mount system. So……I came to a conclusion to focus on Wine Racks. My research so far allows me to be more specific because of the Divergent Ideas and designs I have found and originated from.